Acid Pop

IMG_3247 IMG_3254 IMG_3243

Dress: Alice in the Eve/Necklace: Minusey/Shoes: Sportsgirl

I’m back! I truly apologise for the hiatus I’ve been on, been so busy with many things the past 2 months. I was attached to two separate vet clinics for a month, which was incredible and I learnt so much. Also settled my house move and connecting utilities etc etc, things that come with moving to a new place. That also means I didn’t have time to go dressy dressy and try out all my new buys. But back in Singapore, J and I made time to go to the Botanic Gardens and have a quick shoot in the zen garden. This floaty little white dress with a quirky pop of neon green underneath really intrigues me. It’s sweet yet spunky, kinda like sweet chilli sauce 😛 Now lets get on with the pictures shall we…

Love Anna


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