The Grey and White Blur

IMG_3308 IMG_3269 IMG_3277 IMG_3288 IMG_3291 IMG_3292 IMG_3279

Back in Singapore, I managed to spend some time with the little ingrate I adopted from Melbourne. He has completely forgotten who I am and only snuggles up with me when I approach the cat food bin. Thanks a lot cat. To Smokey: If you don’t remember, we used to be best friends in Melbourne and you would sleep with me (or on me), wrap around my neck while I studied or peer through the bars of my bed while I sat at my desk. You were a dog in a cat’s body, greeting me at the door when I got back and constantly intruding into my personal space by placing your face in mine while I’m trying to watch tv. Moving on, I’m completely obsessed by cat’s paws. Don’t you love the softness and pinkness that step all over your face at night. Better than a dog’s paw I’d say.

Love Anna


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