Mixed Metal

IMG_3805 IMG_3797 IMG_3778 IMG_3791 IMG_3794

Dress: Minusey                    Boots: Dotti                Cuff: Topshop              Earrings: The Design Studio

Watching the Ellen Show and typing out this post is so distracting as every few minutes I end up laughing. She is hilarious and entertaining, who else chucks a whole bunch of vegetables into a fruit punch instead of chopping a few leaves off? I love all the work she does for animals. Adopt a pet instead of buying! School is starting soon and I won’t be able to update this blog as often anymore with outfits. But I love how J and I are continually learning new ways to take photos, like the green one at the top. The green haze you see is his attempt at snapping a shot through leaves which resulted in this alluring bamboo forest-esque effect. I’m dying to go traveling or take shots of people and fashion week and scenery and dogs from around the world!!! Count down to the insurmountable amount of days.

Love Anna


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