Eye of the Tiger

IMG_3749 IMG_3751 IMG_3763 IMG_3738 IMG_3722

The approach I’ve taken to this year’s overwhelming information from school is aptly named after the Rocky soundtrack. I have to make it, and I feel like time has moved past at a glacial pace. It’s been two weeks since I’ve stepped into a whirlwind of what my future life would be like in the form of lectures and practicals. And coincidentally, I happen to have a dress in the cupboard that is fierce enough for this task, haha I kid, I can’t wear this to school if I intend to make a quick getaway from several types of farm animals. Plus I wouldn’t want turd all over this “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee” dress. Such a contradicting piece but yet it makes sense no? I better finish this post up before the next blackout (two so far) occurs! Hope you guys enjoyed the photos. FYI I have a camberwell stall coming up where I intend to sell accessories, bags, shoes and numerous clothing’s from my wardrobe. Be sure to come down and check out on 14th April!

Love Anna


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