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5 weeks into school and I was in a desperate need of a break so J decided to treat me to a flight to Sydney over the weekend! Hurray for his first pay check haha. We explored many markets such as Paddington, Rozelle and Glebe. And when i say “we”, I mean I dragged J with me because I love walking around and looking at odd little trinkets and knick knacks whereas he just tags along. But he managed to find himself the cutest cuff links I’ve seen, mini airplanes! And him being the fan of anything aviation, snapped them up straightaway. My haul included a bow tie for poncho (will upload photos of that in the future), a pair of mini porcelain clogs from holland, and an art piece. The sydney-siders also brought us on a cycling trip at Manly, highly recommended! Cycling up to the north head is spectacular albeit tiring. The killer climb up-slope is worth the scenery, and for $20++ for 2 hours it’s pretty good. I made a mistake wearing black leather shorts, acting as a solar panel for the sun and gradually melting the longer we cycled. That’s it for now I guess, goodnight!

Love Anna


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