Red Polka Dotted Bows

IMG_4092 IMG_4089 IMG_4088 IMG_4154 IMG_4150 IMG_4096 IMG_4106 IMG_4140

We did a photo shoot with Poncho over the weekend, her modelling her new bow from the Sydney Paddington Market. This cute bow comes in numerous colours and patterns and I would have bought so many if J hadn’t stopped me haha. Enjoy the photos!

Love Anna


The Grey and White Blur

IMG_3308 IMG_3269 IMG_3277 IMG_3288 IMG_3291 IMG_3292 IMG_3279

Back in Singapore, I managed to spend some time with the little ingrate I adopted from Melbourne. He has completely forgotten who I am and only snuggles up with me when I approach the cat food bin. Thanks a lot cat. To Smokey: If you don’t remember, we used to be best friends in Melbourne and you would sleep with me (or on me), wrap around my neck while I studied or peer through the bars of my bed while I sat at my desk. You were a dog in a cat’s body, greeting me at the door when I got back and constantly intruding into my personal space by placing your face in mine while I’m trying to watch tv. Moving on, I’m completely obsessed by cat’s paws. Don’t you love the softness and pinkness that step all over your face at night. Better than a dog’s paw I’d say.

Love Anna

I’m Alive!

Hello again, oh my has it been ages since I’ve last blogged. I apologise for my disappearance over the past 2 to 3 weeks. After exams were over I went on a packing frenzy to move to the new place and then I flew home. I was meaning to put up a new post BUT silly me forgot to bring back the cable that allows me to upload photos ): so for now, I shall entertain you with photos of Poncho whom I miss so very much. I will definitely return with a new post when I buy another cable tomorrow! Hope you all have been having a pleasant month of November.

Love Anna

Terracota Warrior

Top: ASOS   Skirt: Miss Shop   Bag: ASOS   Watch: ASOS   Shoes: Tony Bianco

I am having such a slow day of studying, I have to speed up but there is a never ending amount of pathology. Bones, joints, muscles, cardio, circulatory, endocrine, lymphatics yada yada yada. And Poncho is having the time of her life napping on the couch in various awkward positions like only a dog can, giving weird expressions. By the way, if anyone is interested, please check out my Facebook here! I’m trying to clear out my wardrobe before I move house so I’m selling clothes, shoes and other knick knacks for low prices. It has stuff from quirky circus, charlotte ronson, sports girl, topshop etc.

The above photo are from my backlog, just on the way to church last week when the sun was just at the right angle. I love the rosy blush of terracotta, and this blouse is adorned with bows in the front with a button back. How quaint. Have a good weekend everyone, and all the best studying to those who have upcoming exams!

Love Anna

Spot Is Not Just Another Name for a Dog

I love gardens, maybe you can tell by now from all my past posts but the shape of trees and the colour of the grass just mesmerises me. I especially appreciate the ones in Melbourne because the grass is dry and there’s hardly an ants. Both of which are abundant in the motherland so getting a wet patch on your shorts from sitting is not a great idea. People wonder who is this strange girl who dresses up to walk her dog, yes it’s me, but why not? It’s one of the few times I get to go out and not get blood on my clothes or have to wear covered shoes in case a scalpel blade drops. So here I am, in polka dots! With my room mate Poncho (: In my opinion, there’s always a way to incorporate dots into an outfit. A headband, a pair of shoes, a skirt, shorts, a dress! Hope you like the birds I paired with my outfit, owls (found this necklace at a market!) and lovebirds. Enjoy.

Love Anna

Potraits of Dog

Phew this morning’s test is finally over, I was slightly confused in the beginning about the bacteria and why my tests came out weird but it all worked out in the end! I think… Anyway, the 28degrees today and the sun have brought up my feel-good-vitamin D levels. This is the chance to sunbathe, and dogs should get to sunbathe too. Poncho absolutely loves it so yesterday was her lucky day! See if you can pick out the amber colouring in her eyes 😉

Love Anna

Little Romp

Today was the hottest day yet since spring has started, hurray! It was time to bring out the florals and the shorts, so dog and I decided to go for a romp in the gardens and make full use of this weather to play around with the camera. Still in the experimental stage, hope you enjoy the photos.

Love Anna

Hello world!

Hi everyone (: I’m starting this blog just to upload pictures that I find inspiring or that make me excited to share, some taken from the web and some taken by yours truly! I’ve recently acquired a camera and I’ve been fiddling around with it so I’ll definitely be posting some of those. Hopefully as time goes by I can improve and reach a secret goal of mine 😉


Love Anna