State of Rose

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Top: Alice in the Eve        Shorts: Forever 21          Earrings: Forever 21         Sandals: Rush

Who knew that the west side is more abundant and interesting than I imagined. I always thought it would be industrial parks, acres and acres of empty land, super far from the city but no, the State Rose Garden is just down the road! So for Australia Day, J and I ventured out in the heat to check out the place and boy was it beautiful. It’s what every girl would dream of if we lived in a chateau and could choose what our backyard would faintly resemble. The scent of roses hit you as you step out of the car, in all its glory its a pity it attracts bees and major fat flies too. Walking through the gardens hand in hand, wandering around the mazes was a dream, interjected by occasional hand slaps and spasming actions trying to swish away flies. Hilarious to watch. We’re hoping to go back to see the Werribee Mansion, fingers crossed.

Love Anna


The Wonderful World of Tulips

Recently I’ve become quite the owl, my body clock is way out of whack and I haven’t been able to rise at the usual 8am ):. Anyway, since I can’t set off into Z-land quite yet, I’m going to share with you photos from just before the weekend.

J and I went to the Tesselaar Tulip Farm up in Silvan, boy was it breathtaking! Just imagine rows and rows of tulips in every colour and shape just spread out all around you ( well you don’t have to since there will be photos coming right up! ). I had to hold myself back from just running through the flowers and picking them. When surrounded by all this colour and beauty, I dressed for the occasion in this monochromatic white and black striped dress from a japanese boutique. Why fight for attention in the colour department when you can complement it and take a back seat right? To top it off, I brought a straw sun hat from Portmans, which was meant to be a shield but I ended up holding on to it or the wind might ferry it to an unknown place. Hope you enjoy the photos!

Love Anna