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It’s the day after Valentine’s but I’m still living in the moment. Despite the long hours at school, and the horrendous jam on the way to the restaurant, it turned out to be the most wonderful Valentine’s. It’s my second time celebrating it with J and the first time was really my first Valentine’s ever haha. We went to Fenix and out of the 6 courses, some were alright and some spectacular. J had a blast watching me balk at the first oyster I’ve ever eaten (it will not be happening again). On another note, I cannot stop thinking about the dessert! There was a chocolate pudding with a lava centre, oh so rich and luscious in your mouth. An ice-cream ball that was coated with coconut and freeze dried berries, heaven in a bite. Lastly was J’s favourite, a layered cake. Chocolate sponge, peanut butter coating, chocolate mousse, chocolate glaze and topped with a gold leaf. Can’t get more decadent than that 😉 And yes, everything in the photos above is what Mister Man has given to me for the special thursday (plus there were flowers). He sent me a photo of the crazy queue at the florist yesterday, desperate men fighting to grab whatever they could, flowers, balloons, adornments etc and I can truly say I’m touched at the lengths he went to. I hope all of you reading this had a good day yesterday like I did!

Love Anna


Old School


When I say old school, I’m thinking of pinafores, socks with shoes, shirts buttoned up, you get my drift. So how could I not stop at an opportunity to take photos within this building in my school as I was walking by. The architecture transports you to England (or the perception I have of what English Universities would look like), with the arches, the columns (Roman?), the beautiful courtyards with trees and lawns you can spend a lazy lunch at. To match, I wore my finds from Topshop! It’s supposed to be Spring in Melbourne but everybody knows it feels like Winter at times. A crisp white shirt with a dark forest green boucle pinafore, and the best part is that it has giant pockets! Oh the amount of stationery you can cram in there. Plus why not go all the way with mary janes? Hope you enjoy the photos as much as I did taking them.

Love Anna