Top: i.d.s                Pants: H&M                    Shoes: Spurr               Clutch: Rubi                Necklace: Editor’s Market

Gasp it’s been ages since I’ve posted, all thanks to exams. But the end is nigh, it will be over on Monday then freedom! On Friday during my exam, my friend commented that I had one of the strangest problems someone encounters during exams. Usually its a tummy ache, memory loss, writer’s block, the table is wobbly (which is usually fixed with paper) yada yada. I however had the sun shining down upon my paper, reflecting all the white so I could barely see what I was writing or reading. Boy did my eyes burn. I had to do the paper with a booklet shielding my paper from above and the other furiously scribbling away.

During periods like these, all you feel like doing is returning to the basics. Black and white can make a pretty good combo (: oreo knows it.

Love Anna


Pastel Cupcake

Top: i.d.s         Skirt: ASOS          Necklace: Jolie & Deen          Watch: Fossil            Shoes: Forever New

YES first paper down, two more to go. The tragedy and confusion I felt during today’s paper was made up for in an epic proportion of thai food. Green curry chicken, yellow curry crab, seafood tom yum etc etc. Wonder what comfort foods I will come up with for my next few papers. Maybe a cupcake that comes in peach, mint or yellow colours? Well that was what I dressed for when I received my yellow circle skirt in the mail, reminds me of the paper cups that cupcakes come in. I went on a pastel overload, just like what I did with the thai food 😉

And dear Poncho has conjunctivitis, we had to test it with fluorescent stains. The vet mistook a green mark on her nose as a previous staining test but I explained it was because I dropped a highlighter on her nose a few days back. And soon enough, the fluorescent stain from her eye started leaking out her nose and J remarked how this would be an excellent look for trick-or-treating but we’re too old and we missed halloween! A corgi with neon green leaking out her eyes and nose, can you imagine?

Love Anna

Happy Birthday to Me!

Top: i.d.s        Skirt: Swan Emporium       Earrings: Forever New       Bag: Made it myself       Shoes: Sportsgirl

Sometimes I really ponder if swot vac is useful because I tend to take it for granted (bad joanna) but I’m always grateful for it. Time is of the essence and I need all the time I can get before exams on Monday. Brain fried… On a lighter note, today is my birthday! Which of course I spent buried in my notes at the library, plus J and I have to nurse Poncho’s infected eye. Remember to give your pets worming tablets and flea/tick protection everyone! Spring is here and Summer is around the corner and all these little buggers are coming out from their hide-holes. Protect your pets! With all these in mind, I more or less forgot my birthday was approaching but Jeff manages to give me little surprises throughout the week!

Monday: most beautiful birthday present ever

Wednesday: strawberry cakes and frangipani tart surprise while studying

Friday: surprise dinner somewhere in crown?

He’s the best (: Hurray! I’m one lucky girl. Will be sure to take lots of peektures tomorrow, wait for the update. In the meantime, the photos above were meant to bring a cheery mindset amidst the dull study period. Bright red and polka dots, kinda reminds you of minnie mouse huh. Back to work!

Love Anna

Terracota Warrior

Top: ASOS   Skirt: Miss Shop   Bag: ASOS   Watch: ASOS   Shoes: Tony Bianco

I am having such a slow day of studying, I have to speed up but there is a never ending amount of pathology. Bones, joints, muscles, cardio, circulatory, endocrine, lymphatics yada yada yada. And Poncho is having the time of her life napping on the couch in various awkward positions like only a dog can, giving weird expressions. By the way, if anyone is interested, please check out my Facebook here! I’m trying to clear out my wardrobe before I move house so I’m selling clothes, shoes and other knick knacks for low prices. It has stuff from quirky circus, charlotte ronson, sports girl, topshop etc.

The above photo are from my backlog, just on the way to church last week when the sun was just at the right angle. I love the rosy blush of terracotta, and this blouse is adorned with bows in the front with a button back. How quaint. Have a good weekend everyone, and all the best studying to those who have upcoming exams!

Love Anna

Spot Is Not Just Another Name for a Dog

I love gardens, maybe you can tell by now from all my past posts but the shape of trees and the colour of the grass just mesmerises me. I especially appreciate the ones in Melbourne because the grass is dry and there’s hardly an ants. Both of which are abundant in the motherland so getting a wet patch on your shorts from sitting is not a great idea. People wonder who is this strange girl who dresses up to walk her dog, yes it’s me, but why not? It’s one of the few times I get to go out and not get blood on my clothes or have to wear covered shoes in case a scalpel blade drops. So here I am, in polka dots! With my room mate Poncho (: In my opinion, there’s always a way to incorporate dots into an outfit. A headband, a pair of shoes, a skirt, shorts, a dress! Hope you like the birds I paired with my outfit, owls (found this necklace at a market!) and lovebirds. Enjoy.

Love Anna

Finders Keepers Market

Hey all, did anyone go for the Finders Keepers Market over the weekend? Me! It was held at the REB at Carlton Gardens, like I needed another reminder that exams were near. But upon further inspection, I never noticed how beautiful the insides of the hall could be when you’re not sitting an exam. The market featured stalls that specialised in quaint handy crafts, one of a kind trinkets, artistic wonders with live music and food to boot! It was a treasure trove of quirkiness, vintage and colours. I treated myself to a glass bottle and some hand-drawn eye candy. There was this rad stall where these two guys collected old vintage trunks and hand held luggage cases and converted them into speakers!

As for food, J and I snacked on nori chips while walking about, whoever thought of putting seaweed on hot cripsy chips is a genius (you can see it on instagram @annaandponcho, feel free to follow me!). Did anyone buy anything from the market? Send me some pics, I would love to see them (: Back to the study table for now, enjoy the photo explosion coming up!

Love Anna

Wearing: Dotti dress, Sportsgirl Mary Jane shoes, ASOS bag, Golden egg necklace

Minty Fresh

A couple of days ago, I got this shirt in the mail and couldn’t wait to wear it out so wear it out I did. To school! It’s a nicely structured pastel shirt that goes well with anything from a pair of shorts to a skirt and even with black tailored work pants. Any more examples anyone? I paired it with one of my more indulgent buys, these slouchy shorts from Bassike. Oh so comfortable to sit through long lectures in. I wasn’t in the mood for any strong colours seeing as my palette was in a soft scheme so a fresh face was the most lazy me could do. Can you pick out my lunar mint green necklace among the checks? I love how simple and elegant it is, it comes in a whole bunch of colours like burgundy and mustard as well from Jolie & Deen. Have a look! Back to my bacteriology essay, oh the life of a vet student. Have a good day ahead everyone (:

Love Anna

Alexander Terekhov

Now that my pathology test is out of the way, I’m gonna use this break time before I get back to my case studies to gush about this designer I stumbled upon! ALEXANDER TEREKHOV! His designs give off the air of old-school glamour that was born from the mixture of european and oriental flair. So lady-like, but yet adventurous with a whimsical flair through it. There is this colour gradient going through his clothes as each look comes down the runway, it’s amazing how the colour scheme progresses. How I would like to get my hands on one but Moscow is really far from Melbourne ): Even celebrity bloggers like Miroslava Duma is seen in his designs. Doesn’t he just make the world a more beautiful place?

The photos coming up are taken from the website:


Here are a few favourites of mine! Tell me what you think.

Love Anna

p.s I have discovered instagram! You can follow me at @annaandponcho AND I’m selling some clothes/shoes from my exploding wardrobe that are new and secondhand so have a look if you’re interested at http://www.facebook.com/annaandponcho

The Press Club

Just over the weekend, J brought me to The Press Club for dinner to celebrate a special date (where I went all tourist with my camera). Oh nom nom nom is all I can say, the degustation menu was amazing and the chefs and waiters are especially accommodating. Upon hearing that I don’t eat raw meat, they promptly changed some parts of the menu to suit my dietary needs, how great is that! Talk about feeling like a princess 😀 I “suited up” for the occasion, donning a men’s inspired tailored look in monochrome. JW Anderson for Topshop shirt and high waisted tapered pants with colour coordinated shoes! To break up the monotony, I added in some gold accents. Cold weather called for the oversized boyfriend camel coat, it is the comfiest thing ever and so light for something so warm. What are your thoughts? Check out the photos just below and have an excellent remaining weekend!

Love Anna

Old School


When I say old school, I’m thinking of pinafores, socks with shoes, shirts buttoned up, you get my drift. So how could I not stop at an opportunity to take photos within this building in my school as I was walking by. The architecture transports you to England (or the perception I have of what English Universities would look like), with the arches, the columns (Roman?), the beautiful courtyards with trees and lawns you can spend a lazy lunch at. To match, I wore my finds from Topshop! It’s supposed to be Spring in Melbourne but everybody knows it feels like Winter at times. A crisp white shirt with a dark forest green boucle pinafore, and the best part is that it has giant pockets! Oh the amount of stationery you can cram in there. Plus why not go all the way with mary janes? Hope you enjoy the photos as much as I did taking them.

Love Anna